I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Popfit X Fabletics, headed up by the two wonderful women that have founded both businesses – Kate Hudson and Stephanie Burrows. It was supposed to be a day of fun for me, a break from work and 24 hours of much needed self care.

It was certainly a far cry from my normal daily routine, and these moments, memory makers, are so therapeutic. Sometimes the therapy is as you expected. Yes, I worked out, I feel great and healthy and my mind is clear. I wanted that exact ‘feel good’ from this event. Who wouldn’t be excited about working out with an A-List movie star?

However, it was the Q&A with both Kate and her best pal that resonated with me far more than I expected. They have become very successful business women. Fabletics is the fastest growing e-commerce workout brand and Popfit is a brand new workout class and trendy London Fields venue. Now I’m no East London resident, but the dance based workouts on sprung floors lifted my spirits and brought the dancer of past out of me with vigour.

And quite as it should, my feel good moment nicely kicked in. Yet that was just the fun bit of the occasion. I was more interested to find out, how yet again, we have two fine examples of mothers kicking ass in the world of business. Their tips:

Apparently Kate’s mum, always told her “when someone says no, you say, JUST WATCH ME.” No wonder Goldie Hawn was so damn great in Private Benjamin.

Steph’s advice was similar. “Don’t wait for permission to do something, just do it and apologise afterwards if you have to.”

To add further glamour to the occasion, Melanie C and the absolute epitome of Girl Power, in my eyes, hosted the event and added a little northern pragmatism to the discussion. YES to that.  She added that taking advice from others, seeking help and not being afraid to ask for help are also important elements to running a successful business.

Credit: @FableticsEU

When you write these little bites of wisdom down, it doesn’t seem like groundbreaking pieces of advice. Yet it is advice that I personally, and I’m sure, others forget all too often. Those nagging moments of doubt and that sudden urge to stop when things are going great have a great title.


According to good old wiki, “Impostor syndrome describes the inability to recognise accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Just search for it on Twitter, and the number of posts referring to Imposter Syndrome go on and on. One of my favourite recent Tweets is this one:

I love the fact that there is this trendy title that we can all use to quickly sum up all our feeling on Twitter. But, surely it’s how we manage those feelings that count, right?

Thanks to Buzzfeed, I can sum up exactly how I felt when receiving the invite to this event.

Credit: Kristin Chirico / BuzzFeed

Was it worth it? Hell yes! Here’s why:

There is something very powerful in taking a moment to appreciate that you 100% relate with a Hollywood movie star, mother and business woman, and therefore, you are winning at life far more than you think.

Yes, my business is small. Yes, I have sleepless nights wondering if I should pack it all in and just get a job. Then I remember that I am no different from any other person, or in my case, a mother with her own business.

Don’t be afraid

Another part of fraud fear is daring to ask for help. I sometimes think that these people will expose my ‘fraudiness’. That’s why I love working with small business owners myself. I know that it’s hard to reach out for help when you are used to doing it all yourself. But expert freelancers, like myself, should be your gateway to letting go a little, and reaping the rewards of freeing up your time for further business growth.

I’m doing it far more often than I used to. I listen and hear what others have to say about improvements I can make all the time. However, my biggest step has been taking action.

So tips I learnt from my A-Lister day out:

1. Take a break for some self care. It will make you feel amazing, and should even reignite your awesome self worth

2. Stop stopping yourself. Saying no is the easy way out.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And don’t be afraid to accept help.

I’m so happy to have yet more inspiring words of wisdom in my memory bank. Words that I will force to the front when I have my moments of self doubt. I will also continue to take regular does of encouragement too.  If you need that, I would recommend joining this Facebook group –

Run by the wonderful Digital Mums , they will be hosting Facebook Lives on subjects such as Imposter Syndrome, and it gives you a digital outlet to chat with other women.